Friday, November 23, 2012



why no more ads

Wy have my Amazon Ads disappeared?
Can anyone tell me?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A warning part 2

I just realised that this will appear above yesterday's post. If you haven't read yesterday's post please read that one first.

OK so I signed up for a Casino account, this was with Ladbroke's, and tried their free European Roulette. I started off with 200 units (lets call them pounds). I tried this system with £1 bets and within 15 minutes I was up to £270. I thought this looks good so I tried with £5 first bet and made it up to just over £400 within half an hour of signing up. I though that if I put £200 in then I could withdraw it virtually straight away.

I decided to try the free game the next morning starting with the £1 bets (the free game always starts off with £200). Everything went OK for about 10 minutes then came a long run of reds (and a 0) when I was backing blacks. The stakes looked as follows:

1Spin 1 £1
Spin 2 £2
Spin 3 £4
Spin 4 £8
Spin 5 £16
Spin 6 £32
Spin 7 £64
Spin 8 £128

For spin 9 I didn't have enough money to follow on the bet so I tried £1, and still didn't win. The total of non black results was 11, if I had followed the scheme I would have staked £2048 just to win back my money +£1. Just imagine if it was £5!

The problem with this scheme as far as I can see are:

1. The stakes being played soon reach the table limit
2. You can soon run out of money to stake just to win £1
3. The roulette table does not not know that it has just had a red and therefore it
should even out the averages by going to black.

Please let me know if I'm wrong but I will not be putting any of my money into this scheme.

But yesterday you said there was a way of making money from casinos!!!!

Well I think you will have guessed by now that the 100% sure way of making money from online casinos is to own one.

Bye for now.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A warning

I'm still on my track to make a million and I've earned about £15 far. I have found a way to make lots of money......but there is a catch!

Has anyone played roulette before? We'll I hadn't until I saw an add to make $500 and hour. This add linked to a site which gave away their "get rich quick scheme". It seemed fairly good because all they asked for was to donate to them via Paypal if you made any money. The theory was this:

The game was online roulette. Put £1 on red, if you win you get £2, if you don't win double your stake until you do win. Everyone knows that red is bound to come up? When you win that one switch to black and start with £1 again. They said if you wanted to make money more quickly bet £5. They warn that you should not take out more than £200 a night because the Casino might ban you. The recommend you register with several casinos and skim your profits from them.

Well I don't gamble and I thought that this was too good to be true so I opted to play in free games to see if this worked and I will let you know later what I found.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Progress so far

Well it has been a couple of months since I started this blog but I have not done much with it yet. I think that the subject of getting to be rich will have to be a sidestory which I will update but make go completely off that.
So far I have made about $4 from Goole adverts (they all seem to be about "get rich quick" schemes so I will try and confuse it by putting sporadic words in to see if they change).
Flower arranging with Jeremey Clarkson!
I have also made about £6 though my Amazon store but you lot could try alot harder.
Fresh Organic Fruit Chocolate Pie. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Thanks for the comments and questions.

First the answers to the easy ones:

  • I don't want to be a dollar millionaire, although it would be a really good start, because our exchange rate is currently $2 to £1. I want a million quid!
  • Yes I can put a Paypal button on the site so that you can donate, but do people really want to give money away so that someone else can become a millionaire? The answer is obvious......YES. I do it every week, by playing the National Lottery! The button will be there soon and if anyone wants to donate please do, think of it as one week's stake on the lottery.
  • Will a million be enough? I will have to think about this one and put a full post up about it. My gut feeling is that the answer will be NO.
  • What am I going to do with the money? I haven't really thought that one through yet either. I'd like to give up my current job and do something more interesting / rewarding.

I'll post some more when I can,



Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is the scheme of things at the moment....

I work all week in a stressful, and reasonably paid job (below higher rate tax); I'm 40, married with 4 children; at the end of every month I'm overdrawn; I'm balding, loosing my teeth and feel like I'll be dead before I retire (State retirement will be 67 for me). I cannot see me going on like this, although I'm not depressed or anything.

What I need to do is earn some money and with your help I'm hoping to get to the million pound mark in a couple of years.

I'm still going to have to work for a while so I don't want to do anything too time consuming and I haven't got money to invest (I could probably spare £10 to get going). How do you think I should go on? The ads on this page will start me off but if I rely on these I might have made 50 quid before I retire. I could put my Paypal address up and you could all give me a quid....but why should you?

Lets have a chat about it and see if we can get anywhere together.

Are you in whith me?